Timmy Koopa Is The long lost brother of the koopalings. he looks like roy but he has an extra fang. he is a member of the tricky 2s.

Boss Battle

Timmy Koopa Will Throw Hammers And Boomerangs Similar To The Hammer Bros And The Boomerang Bros. When Defeated He Will Drop A Special Key Unlike The Other Koopalings. And his shell rolles faster Then the other koopalings.


Timmy Koopa looks like roy but he has a extra fang and a cap. his body is mixed with colours unlike the other koopalings. He Has A Wand With A Similar Color To That of Morton koopa Jr.Media:Example.ogg

Timmy Koopa
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Current Age 19
Date of Birth May 29 2001 1997
Gender Male
Aliases / Nicknames Tim Tim Koopa
Species / Type Koopa
First Appearance Super Mario Bros (Super Secret)
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros (Fake)
Current Status(es) Alive
Roy Koopa Super Mario Wii

Timmy Koopa