1 Day Bowser And his koopalings went hiking up onto sky land, They had sunglasses to protect them from the sun, And when they got up there they found a koopaling sitting on a far cloud. So all the koopalings decided to take him home, they later found out (with research) that the koopaling was named Timmy Koopa, A Long lost koopaling, Bowser and his 8 children (along with Bowser Jr.) Did not find out about Timmy Koopa. So a 8th Koopaling (not Counting Bowser Jr.) Was Actully In Mario All Along. Timmy Said A Word. Later They Also Found out that he was the 8th son of Morton Koopa Sr. They Decided To Keep Him As A Son, And Then The Official 7 Koopalings became the 8 Koopalings. He Later Met Smarty Koopa, The Leader Of The Tricky 2s. (Page of Smarty Koopa Will Be Out Later). Smarty Koopa Was A Koopaling That Looked Like Iggy, He Was The Smartest Koopaling Among The Children. (Second Being Iggy). And So, The Timmy Koopa Some Of You Know Today Was A Long Lost Koopaling that is now part of the mario franchise.


Bowser: Kids, Today Is The Day We Go Hiking Up in to sky land!

The Koopalings: YAY!!!!!!

  • Bowser And The Kids Go Up Into The Sky Land*

Bowser: We Made it! Sky land!

Iggy: Dad Who is That Koopa Over there?

Bowser: I dont know... I Think hes part of our Family.

  • Bowser And Kids Take Timmy Koopa To There Home*

Bowser Jr.: Dad Who is that Koopa?

Bowser: We Dont know Yet.

  • Ludwig Does Some Research On The Koopa*

Ludwig: Dad! I Just found out that the koopa's Name Is Timmy Koopa!

Bowser: Oh Wow.

Ludwig: He Is Also One Of Our Brothers! But We Just dident know

Ludwig: He Is Also A Long Lost Reletive Of Ours!

Bowser: Well I Dident Know We Had A 8th Koopaling.

Ludwig: It Says Here That he was in the mario Franchise All along!

Timmy: H-Hi Guys...

Ludwig: Dad He Is Also The 8th Child Of Morton Koopa Sr!

Bowser: Children, Lets Keep This Koopa As A Son.

  • The 7 Koopalings Became The 8 Koopalings*

Timmy: W-Who are you?

Smarty: Oh Im Smarty Koopa! I Like Inventing And Creating DNA!

Announcer: Smarty Koopa Was A Koopaling That Looked Like Iggy, He Was The Smartest Koopaling Among The Children.

Koopalings: Timmy, Your Now One Of Us! A Offical Koopaling!


Announcer: And So, The Timmy Koopa You Know Today Was A Long Long Koopaling That is now part Of The Mario Franchise.

  • The END Screen Shows Up*

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