180px-Aggy Koopa

Left to Right: Leon, Aggy, Rhylynne, Zavier, Lewis

The Laser Koopalings are a group of 4 Koopalings that together would like to make an electricity lab, so they can make lots of experiments and gadgetry (In order of birth).

Leon Koopa

He is convinced that is a star. He always falls in Aggy´s traps and never interacts with any of his brothers.

Aggy Koopa

Probably the most intelligent, though sometimes crazy because he plays electric pranks on his brother, Leon. He is jealous of his eldest brother.

Zavier Koopa

The most dedicated, he likes maths better that working with electricity. One day he wants to put up a maths school somewhere.

Lewis Koopa

The youngest, though tall. He looks up to all his brothers, except Leon. He likes reading and going outside.

Rhylynne Koopa

The only laser girl koopa, though likes to play with princess dresses, but she´s strong. 

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