Sophie Koopa
Sophie Koopa is just like Lemmy, but has a necklace with a S letter on it, a light-pink head, a magic wand with a dark pink bolt on it, lipstick all over her mouth, a hot pink shell with yellow rings surrounding each spike, orange eyelashes and blue, yellow and red long hair.

Super Mario Bros 3

Sophie dresses up as Lemmy because the real Lemmy was vomiting all over his airship attic. When Mario defeated her, all the Koopas punched Sophie so bad that she needed to be operated.

Super Mario World

Sophie made the pipes for Lemmy and Wendy. After that, she was stomped into a flatty pancake and was eaten with honey syrup! [Stay on topic! said Lemmy.]

Mario is Missing!

Sophie tried to helped Bowser to flood the world. She does not appear in the game.

Yoshi's Safari

Sophie doesn't appear in this game, but Lemmy mentions her.

Mario and Luigi : Superstar Saga

Sophie taught Lemmy how to split in fours. After that, she stayed behind Bowletta's throne.

Super Princess Peach

Sophie walked into a quicksand trap made by Toads.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Sophie made all the balls for Lemmy. She stayed in Bowser's airship, making her necklace. She does not appear in the game.

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