Reep "Reptilian" Koopa
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Current Age 500
Date of Birth March 5, 1515
Gender Either Male or Female
Species / Type Half Reptilian Koopa, half Koopaling
Living Town Raptor Reside
Main Weapon(s) Magic Specter
Main Element(s) Reptilian instincts
Vulnerable to Stomps, fire powers, lava
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. L: Reptilian Rumble
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros. L: Reptilian Rumble
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) Raptor Race
Kold Blooded War
Relative(s) Gekco Koopa (best friends)
Wendy O. Koopa (enemy)
Bowser Jr. (sibling)
Mario (frienemies)
Bowser (supreme ruler)

You miserable plumber! You've ruined my greatest plan! I'll get you for this!
To Mario when he destroys his Reptilian Raider in SMBL:RR

Reptilian Koopa (real name is Reep), is the main antagonist of Super Mario Bros. L: Reptilian Rumble. He is the thirteenth and last boss in the game, where he uses his Reptilian Raider (Magic Specter in the 3DS version of the game) to fight Mario with.


Reep is a half reptile Koopa, half Koopaling with a light green scheme color and green shell. His spikes are gray and he dons a handcuff with a medium size (20 cm high) pebble on it.


At the age of 20-27, Reep was a young reptile, evolved into a Koopaling at the age of 26, who lived in Raptor Reside. His home was destroyed by the evil King Bowser. At the age of 50, he decided to make a new house for more survival.

When he was 100 years old, he discovered the blood of a reptile and a blood of a Koopaling (or Koopa, so to speak) and started to do some research on it. However, he still hasn't managed to mix them together for the Reptilian Raider, a machine which is used to turn humans into half reptilian beings.



Reptilian Koopa never gives up on defeating his enemies and opponents and has a great mind to make new plans which are better, but they are still foiled by Mario. Sometimes he betrays his helper so he can terminate his opponents. TBA

==Combat characteristics Reep is an excellent hand to hand combat Koopa. Rep can defeat weak enemies, even Bowser. In the beginning of SMBL, he knocks out Bowser and his Koopa Pack with ease. Despite possessing strong abilities, he still can be defeated by being tricked into falling into a pit, lava or poison water. TBA

Game appearances

Super Mario Bros. L: Reptilian Rumble

Reep is the main antagonist of Reptilian Rumble, where he finishes his latest invention, the Reptilian Raider. With this, he can turn anyone into half reptilian beings. Mario, who is aware of the conflict, goes to stop him. However, his castle floats all the way to the sky. Mario needs the help of Banzai Bill to get to the castle, but he must get fuel to have enough power to reach to Gecko Castle. Mario beats all the Koopalings and Bowser to get all the way to Gecko Castle, but Gecko Koopa and Raptor Koopa stop him and battle him. The two were beaten and Mario rides his way to the castle. Reep battles Mario in "one final showdown", with Mario emerging victorious. Mario destroys the Reptilian Raider and goes back home.