Prudence I. Koopa, called Pru for short, is a female Koopaling that loves Magic, Cooking, Playing Pokemon and StreetPass Mii Plaza, and Writing Mangas or stories mainly about Nintendo characters. She is 13 years old and has a Brown shell. She has a Brown wand also.


Pru has Cream colored skin with a Pink Belly. She resembles wendy mostly accept for the fact that her Bow is blank and smaller, her Necklace resembles Berries, and she has a Ponytail. She has a small green bow and green Shoes and rings. She has tanner cheeks with a pink face.


Prudence is nice and laid back. She has lots of friends. She is somewhat shy or could even be called a bit of a coward. But usually she stands up for what is right. She likes cooking and usually spends time cooking for the other Koopalings.

Relations with other Koopalings or characters.

Morton: She thinks Morton is cool when he isn't grumpy, but usually doesn't hang out with him because he usually IS grumpy.

Wendy: She has mixed feelings about wendy.

Roy: She HATES Roy.

Lemmy: She likes Lemmy and knows that he is not very smart, so she tries to keep it simple with him.

Iggy: She thinks Iggy is crazy.

Larry: She dislikes Larry.

Ludwig: She thinks Ludwig is well mannered, but snobby.

Bowser Junior: She thinks Bowser Junior is a brat, but nice when he is calm.


  • She is known to like Eggnog (Not the spiked one, that would be bad!)
  • She has 589 StreetPass Tags
  • She thinks Mario shouldn't like Peach because she is disrespectful to him.
Koopaling 3 updated artwork

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