Prince Nolan Cody Koopa
Nolan Cody Koopa
Nolan C. Koopa's old design
Current Age 20
Date of Birth December 1995
Gender Male
Aliases / Nicknames Poseidon Koopa
Living Town Dark Land
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Water wand, Water Star
Main Element(s) Water
Vulnerable to Fire Star
Relative(s) Abel R. Koopa (brother), Aidan T. Koopa (brother), Niko Koopa Sr. (father), Jessica Koopa (mother), Aiva O. Koopa (friend), Niko Koopa Jr. (brother)

Nolan C. Koopa in his insanity personality

Nolan Cody Koopa is the most insane of the koopalings. His eyes are multicolored. His hair is multicolored and has a dark blue pony tail. His shell is lime green with red rings. His favorite brother is Aidan T. Koopa. He is the 2nd fastest koopaling (fastest being Aiva).


Super Mario Bros. 3

Nolan is so hyper and fast, he slipped into ice and Mario defeated him?

Super Mario World

He ruled Nolan's Ocean Bay.


  • Aidan T. Koopa was suppose to be the most hyper, but Nolan is the most hyper in his appearances.
  • Nolan was suppose to be twins with Aidan, but Aidan's twin is Xenon Koopa


Nolan C. Koopa 3D artwork

His old design

Nolan C. Koopa in Abel Koopa Party

His appearance in Abel Koopa Party

Nolan C. Koopa old design

Nolan's first design

Nolan Cory Koopa 2D

Nolan in Abel Koopa: The Lost Koopaling