Prince Niko Koopa Jr.
Niko Koopa Jr.
Niko Koopa Jr.
Current Age 17
Date of Birth May 28, 1998
Gender Male
Aliases / Nicknames Niko, Niko Jr.
Class Villain, Anti-hero
Main Weapon(s) Dark wand, Dark Star
Main Element(s) Dark
Vulnerable to Light Star
Relative(s) Abel R. Koopa (brother), Aiva O. Koopa (friend), Aidan T. Koopa (brother)

Shut up, Lemmy
Niko Koopa Jr. talking to Lemmy Koopa

Niko Koopa Jr. is the most mature of the koopalings. He's older than most of his siblings and cousins. He was named after his dad, Niko Koopa Sr. He was Jessica Koopa and Niko Sr.'s favorite son, but Niko Jr.'s parents died, so he had to live with Bowser. He sometimes helps Mario on his adventures.


Super Mario Bros. 3

Niko Jr. apparently is on Mario's side.

Super Mario World

Niko Jr. is the second one fought.

Mario is Missing

He doesn't appear in the game, but gets mentioned by Nolan C. Koopa

Hotel Mario

He isn't mentioned nor seen in the game.


  • His notable color is dark blue.


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