The Koopalings all have alternate counterparts.

Original 7

Larry Koopa - Abel Koopa

Abel looks a lot like Larry The only differences is Abel is older (THEY ARE NOT TWINS), his hair is a combination of pink and blue, he has horns, he has 4 teeth, he wears jeans, he has eybrows, his shell is pink with blue rings, and he has black wristbands.

Morton Koopa Jr. - Niko Koopa Jr.

Niko is a lot older than Morton. They don't even look alike (except they both are fat).

Wendy O. Koopa - Aiva O. Koopa

Like Morton and Niko, they don't look alike. Aiva is older than Wendy.



After a while, people started to make fanon koopalings

Alex Ember Koopa - Wyatt Koopa

They do look alike. They both are twins (Wyatt being older). Wyatt has more hair than Alex. Wyatt wears a headband because he is athletic.

Bazyli Koopa - Duncan Koopa

The both lost a part of their bodies. Nothing is really known of them.

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