Julia Koopa is the most DUMBEST and STUPIDEST koopaling you have ever seen. She looks like Jennifer Koopa and is really short, she wears a dark blue
Julia Koopa
long sleeve dress,and has black short hair.(she also has buck teeth.)

Super Mario Bros. 3

Julia didn't know what a pit was, so she filled it up with water and soap and took a bath there. After 1 minute, she died.

Super Mario World

Julia jumped off a cliff.

Mario is Missing 

She died in antartica without close!

Hotel Mario 

The same thing happened to her like Epic Fail.

Yoshi's Safari

Doesn't appear in the game.

Mario and Luigi : Superstar Saga

Julia didn't know that lava kills you, so she jumped in it and died.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Wendy's rings are actually white with pink stripes, so she painted Wendy's rings gold. After that Wendy got so steamed up and threw Julia right in the volcano center.(LOL!!!)