Henry Koopa

Henry is just like Roy, but has dark blue sunglasses and shell and has blue  head and rings surrounding each spike. He also has a brown magic scepter. He was named after Horrid Henry. He is stronger and meaner than Roy.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Henry doesn't appear in the game because he got a flue.

Super Mario World

Like Roy is blue it was Henry. He is a bit dumb in this game. Roy bullied his dad so Bowser flushed him down the toilet.

Mario is Missing!

Henry doesn't appear in this game, but Roy mentions him.

Hotel Mario

Henry ate Iggy's castle. Iggy's castle was named "Iggy's Invention-Idea Hotel".

Yoshi's Safari

Henry ate a cactus and became spiky, because he actually wasn't meant to have spikes.

Mario and Luigi:Superstar Saga

Henry was a retard.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Henry destroyed Petey Piranha's jungle house when Mario was in World 2. Then Petey Piranha ate Henry and made an even better house when Mario was in 5-1.


Henry died in the falling castle, dressed up as Roy. (The koopalings who were unharmed were Larry, Lemmy and Roy.

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