Gavin Koopa is Tara Koopa's best friend. He looks like Iggy but has green hair like larry's, two teeth and green shell.

Super Mario Bros 3

Gavin dressed up as Iggy and stole the Grassland King's magic wand. Then he gave it to the real Iggy.

Super Mario World

Gavin made the walls close in the Morton battle and tried to make Morton black with the shades. Then Morton knocked him out the window.

Mario is Missing!

Gavin doesn't appear in the game, but Larry mentions him.

Hotel Mario

Gavin dresses up as Iggy in the final battle, because the real Iggy actually was sick with the flu.

Yoshi's Safari

Gavin was also stuffed with Iggy in the Robo-Blooper without being seen.

Mario and Luigi:Superstar Saga

Gavin dressed up as Larry, because the same thing that happened to Lemmy also happened to Larry.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Gavin made the platforms move in the second Iggy battle because Kamek Koopa just made them look colourful. A rock fell in the underground exit, so Gavin died there without air, food and drink instantly
Gavin Koopa

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