Joe Koopa

Epic Fail Koopa is an epic fail in the history of Koopalings. He looks like Lemmy Koopa, except his hair is completely orange and hs shell is neon green.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Epic Fail made Lemmy throw balls instead of magic blasts. He also made Lemmy ride on his ball, even though Lemmy's ball popped because of M-A-R-I-O. Lemmy got so mad that he punched Epic Fail in the face.

Super Mario World

Epic Fail made the walls close in on the Roy battle, but tried to steal his shades. When Epic Fail was just inches away, Roy knocked him out the window.

Mario is Missing!

Epic Fail went to Antarctica and ate it.

Hotel Mario

Epic Fail walked into a pit and died.

Yoshi's Safari

Epic Fail made Lemmy's Lemmy-bot look stupid.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Epic Fail peed.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Epic Fail gave Lemmy a new ball, and a ponytail. He also got crushed by the castle.