Beatrice Koopa
Clopsie Plupster is just like Iggy, but with Lemmy's ponytail and Morton's skin color.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Clopsie Plupster went to the World 4 castle with Iggy and helped Iggy steal the wand. She also dressed up as a Boom-Boom and went to both World 4 mini-castles. Then she tried to eat Mario, but was stomped into a flatty pancake and was eaten with syrup.

Super Mario World

Clopsie Plupster went and ate a Reznor.

Mario is Missing!

Clopsie Plupster put a sign on Antarctica that said: We will flood this stupid, dumb place.

Hotel Mario

Clopsie Plupster ate a sandwich, a taco, a cheeseburger, and some swiss cheese. ("Stay on topic!" shouted Ludwig)

Yoshi's Safari

Clopsie Plupster stuffed Iggy so deep in the Robo-Blooper, that you couldn't see Iggy until he died.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Clopsie Plupster stomped Junie B. Jones, Ramona Quimby, Peter and Fudge Hatcher, and the Smurfs into a flatty pancake and ate them with syrup. (By this time, Ludwig passed out)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Clopsie Plupster ate the cake.