Carl Koopa
Carl Koopa
Carl Koopa
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species / Type Koopaling/Yoshi hybrid
Living Town Dark Land
Class Hero (before transformation), Villain (after transformation)
Main Weapon(s) Tongue
Main Element(s) Fire
Current Status(es) Alive

Carl Koopa is a koopaling and a Yoshi hybrid. He is a failed attempt of Iggy to transform a Yoshi into a Koopaling using Abel's DNA. Iggy found him with Mario near Bowser's Castle. When Mario went in Bowser's Castle without Carl the Yoshi, Iggy took him along with Abel R. Koopa to his transformer machine. Carl came out and it turned out he was a hybrid of both. He resembles a Yoshi, but has an insane personality. He wears a koopaling shell that is purple with red rings, black wristbands, he has a longer tail, he has koopaling feet, his hair is purple, he has a tooth similar to Ludwig's, the rest resembles a Yoshi.


  • Carl was originally going to be hybrid of a koopa troopa and a koopaling, but it got scrapped.

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