Prince Bonnie Koopa
Bonnie Koopa
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species / Type Koopaling/Animatronic
Living Town Dark Land
Main Weapon(s) Wand (in Superstar Saga only), Bite
Main Element(s) Normal
Current Status(es) Alive

Bonnie Koopa is a koopaling inspired by Bonnie the Bunny. He looks like Iggy, except he doesn't wear glasses, he doesn't have the blue rings around his eyes, and he has Lemmy's old hairstyle. He was created by Bowser and Clawdia before 1999 because of "The Bite of '87". He is creepy to his brothers due to the fact he is an animatronic. He is a big fan of "Five Nights At Freddy's".


  • He lost his face on 9/11/2001.
  • According to Aidan T. Koopa, since Aidan reads the future, Bonnie Koopa will kill all of the koopas and will rule the world.

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